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Legal Credit Repair

First Stone® has developed a “unique” program for the “permanent” restoration with correction, education and credit file clean-up of any erroneous items on your credit report.

You may have noticed that America’s rules change often, so we continually “fine-tune” our methodologies and strategies for optimal performance on your behalf. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable credit professionals has two main goals: to greatly improve your credit and to educate you about credit dangers. We do it as fast as we possibly can without creating a more serious error on your credit report. As our client, you will quickly learn that we utilize our entire arsenal of experience and powerful complex strategies on your behalf.

Credit Education and Our Process

Step One

We will evaluate a Professional copy of your credit reports. While sitting with you personally or over the telephone, we discuss each issue with you. The most urgent issues receive priority attention. This process will allow us to “customize” the work according to your problems and your areas of concern. (It’s the “only” way that really works.

Step Two

Then your project will be assigned to one of our professional credit counselors who will further assess your specific situation and call you for an in-depth discussion about your concerns.

Step Three

Now the “difficult” work begins: We start with each item’s assigned priority and conduct additional investigation and research. We’ll contact each creditor and/or (collection agency, creditor agents, collection attorney etc.) or credit reporting agency as appropriate, in order to affect a “permanent” solution. Based on the information that we compile, we will proceed to solve each problem, which will quickly improve your credit file and raise your credit scores.

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