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Frequently Asked Questions

What Documents do I need to review my credit?

You do not need any documents to get started, however, when we start the process of reviewing your professional credit report we will mail you a starter package that requires additional qualifying information.

What makes you better than other credit repair professionals?

Our unique process as consumer advocate credit counseling professionals ensures you are working with a legal and consumer “friendly” credit counseling that simply believes that all consumers deserve a second chance. We also believe in “fairness” and we will not charge you for services and  things that you can do yourself.

Why fix my credit at all?

Are you Sick & Tired of being a victim of the large corporate abusers & credit bureaus, who profit from selling your bad news & your private information? In fact, the CRAs maintain files & arbitrary scores about you that affect every aspect of your financial life and use this information to justify charging you more on anything you finance!

What about bankruptcy, should I file?

While we can not advise you to file or not file, we do have a program to assist. First Stone®’s after bankruptcy credit file clean-up and risk score restoration really works. The CREDITMASTERS™ are among the very few who can actually help you return on a “fast track” to credit file restoration. After all, haven’t you suffered enough already? Let us reduce your sentence. Learn More.

Do you have any guarantee?

OUR GUARANTEE:  First Stone® Credit Counseling™ offers you our best educated effort guarantee.  In other words, just as your surgeon or lawyer would promise, FSCC will do everything within its power to provide you with the most positive and speedy results possible based on your individual circumstances.  And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for more than 17 years with great success.