Credit Repair vs Credit Counseling vs Debt Settlement Companies

“LEGAL”   vs   “ILLEGAL”


                       ?!?  What’s the difference  ?!?

                             Very Confusing IS IT NOT ?!? . . . How can ANYONE tell who is “LEGAL”  . . . ?

Well read on . . . Way back in 1968, the U.S. Government enacted what is called The Consumer Credit Protection, Act (CCPA), which is a set of eight (8) Sub-Laws, in order to standardized and regulate the booming credit card and time-purchase industry . . . so why is that so confusing . . .  ?

Well, “Credit” is actually a form of “Money” is it not?!?  And, for “many” people, “Money makes the world go round”! And, there are people who have lots of it and so some rent it out (under a process called “credit”) and they do not want you to know how to escape if you get into “credit payback trouble”.  And now, you know why it is so confusing; and, there are so many “Illegals” (those are crooks claiming to be able to repair the multitude of credit damaged desperate consumers and they all operate un-successfully outside of those Federal CCPA laws), also there are a few “Legals” (that’s those operating under those Federal credit laws) in the “Credit Repair” Business.  You see, one (1) of those eight (8) CCPA Sub-Laws is called CROA or the Credit Repair Organization, Act (enacted April 01, 1997).   However, that Act calls all ”Credit Repair Legals” Credit Counselors  and not Credit Repairers (what is needed). Sounds more confusing, right?!?

Now to add more to the confusion, back in 1998, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) aka “THE” Federal Business Police” on March 05, their Consumer Protection Division Director, Ms. Jodie Bernstein, stated and published . . .  “The FTC has never seen a legitimate Credit Repair Company” . . . “EXCEPT” . . . ☛ there are however, legitimate NotforProfit Credit Counseling Companies” (like First Stone® Credit Counseling™) who can “LEGALLY” perform Credit repair, Credit Education, Credit Restoration under that CROA Sub-Law (To read Article go to

AND JUST FYI:  Most “ILLEGAL” Credit Repair Clinics perform by trying to fool or overload, those so-called “Credit Bureaus” the ones Congress named the Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs), by sending what’s called  “frivolous disputes” with the hope that it will “confuse” =or= “overload” the CRA’s staff into removing negative info.  In FSCC’s opinion, Credit Bureaus, “while not” rocket scientists are much more savvy than that, and quickly pick-up on this technique and then “flag” the consumer’s file for eternal “punishment” for hiring a company that tries to fool them.  A consumer can actually be tormented for years or until they find First Stone® Credit Counseling™ who can put a stop to it!

By the way, ALL those U.S. Treasury un-approved “Credit Repair” Clinics, (the U.S. Treasury says only 24 were ever approved or Certified as “Legal” and there are only two (2) of those now left says the U.S. Treasury), are in violation of that Credit Repair Organizations, Act (CROA) and The Federal Telemarketing Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention, Act aka The Telemarketing Sales Rule or TSR for short as well as DTPA (that is the Deceptive Trade Practices, Acts), and, if you show First Stone® Credit Counseling™ (FSCC) you have been had by one of  these scammers, we may be able to help you get your money back!  That is . . . if they are still in business or if they have any money left!

The actual name of this game is to “honestly” win for you! And, FSCC wins 99% of the time for those  

who pay attention! Therefore, our Government Approved Warranty is: “Best Educated Effort.”