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First Stone® Credit Counseling™

Home of The Credit Master®(s)

The Creditmaster®(s) have been conducting credit repair for 35+ years . .

A Consumer Advocate Counseling Service For The Benefit Of Consumers

First Stone® Credit Counseling™ (FSCC) is United States Treasury government Approved Consumer Advocate Credit Counseling organizaton whose first objective is to educate you,  the ocnsumer, by showing you how we can restore your  credit by actually  cleaning up your credit  files . . . thus restoring your good name, allowing you to fully reach your financial and personal life goals.

Why Choose Us

Honest, Expert Credit Counseling Professionals

FSCC™ is NOT a deceptive “collector in disguise” credit counseling firm or an illegal “credit repair” scam! Let us be perfectly clear from the outset: We call our process “Credit restoration, correction with education and credit file clean-up.” 

Credit Stressed . . . ? We can help!

If you have bad credit, or if you want to restore your credit, and you really want legal credit  restoration services, the it is fortunate that you found our website. We understand credit inside and out, and we are the only company of our kind in America.



First Stone® Credit Counseling will help you settle your “legitimate” debts FAST & AFFORDABLE, but only if actually necessary! If you don’t legally owe that debt or if you are being abused by collectors or creditors,  we know some really good attorneys across America who can stop that kind of abuse.

Who is First Stone® The Credit Master/s® . . . ?

First Stone® is the home of The Credit Master(s)®. Founder and Executive Director of First Stone® Credit Counseling™ and  co-host of The Consumer Fight Back Report since 1992.  Mr. D is the only person ever to take the credit bureaus (the consumer reporting agencies and others) to task costing  them more than $22 million in legal fees, according to their own lawyers.

First Stone® Credit Counseling™ is certifed as a 501c(3) not-for-profit corporation headquartered in Plano, Texas.  FSCC™ operates legally in all 50 states under the credit laws of the United States of America.

Keep in mind that it is “illegal” to charge anyone in advance for “credit repair” or even “credit advice” services unless the organization providing those services is “specifically APPROVED” by the U.S. Treasury as a credit counseling entity and organization; FSCC™ holds this certification and is current and in compliance with these laws. BEWARE! Others do not have this certification and approval.