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2019 Limited-Time Opportunity:

The need to rehabilitate and correct credit reports and scores is prevalent in our society. Numerous “credit repair” organizations operate without proper credentials and do not effectively accomplish any meaningful results for consumers.  Consumers include those persons who are affluent as well as those who are average wage earners.  Almost everyone in the United States has had a blemish on his or her credit report at one time or another whether deserved or by mistake.  Having an experienced organization such as First Stone America, Inc. (FSA) available to process consumer cases on a professional, expedited basis will assist the Company in providing positive results and earning substantial fees.  The average fee for an individual case is $4,500.00 which, although seemingly high, is reasonable compensation in consideration of the work expended and time involved in correcting inaccuracies.


The potential market is national in scope and limited only by the ability of individual consumers to recognize
their need to have accurate data in their credit reports at all times – not after they have been denied credit.