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First Stone® has developed a "unique" program for the "permanent" restoration with correction, education and credit file clean-up of any erroneous items on your credit report.

You may have noticed that America's rules change often, so we continually "fine-tune" our methodologies and strategies for optimal performance on your behalf. Our Team of experienced and knowledgeable credit professionals have two main goals: 1) to greatly improve your credit and 2) to educate you about credit dangers. We do it as fast as we possibly can without creating a more serious error on your credit report. As our client, you will quickly learn that we utilize our entire arsenal of experience and powerful complex strategies on your behalf.

Step One

We throughly investigate the status and current condition of the consumer client's existing credit files regarding any outstanding debt or incorrect information appearing on credit reports




Step Two

We contact and communicate with creditors, their collector agents, consumer reporting agencies, etc on the consumer's behalf to settle any debt, remove errors, and neutralize negative credit file information




Step Three

We follow up with you the consumer client to discuss the results of our work, and to educate you on options which can aide you in staying financially stable. These option range from transportation all the way to insurance, including the People's Credit Bureau.



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