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If you’ve been looking for credit repair pros who perform all their work legally you’ve finally found them. We are government approved credit educators and credit file cleaners with over three decades of experience in offering credit repair services. We gained the title of credit repair pros by delivering the results our clients have grown to expect. We’ve helped thousands of consumers return to fiscal health. Also our credit repair services have a 98% to 99% success rate in removing and neutralizing negative and incorrect items on credit reports. We’ve done this for so long and continue to do so because we believe everyone deserves a second chance. As credit repair pros we know most cases are not the same, so we work hard everyday to assure that our clients receive the best and most customized credit repair services that is available.

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First Stone® Credit Counseling™

2701 West 15th Street #541 | Plano, TX | 75075-7541
972.235.1188 office | 972.235.1192 fax
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